when I think of Nike several things come to mind, my first few thoughts are visions of people in amazing shape, sports, athletes, fitness and motivation. Every time I purchase a Nike product I feel like I an choosing a healthier lifestyle for some reason. Nike commercials make you want to be a apart of the Nike association.on the Nike website they did so  much with the media space you can shop online. find your perfect fit and get the items shipped to you in no time they have it so that you have access to all of their merchandise with the click of a button. nike When you log on to the Nike website you are greeted with a picture of a person in tip top shape, running or with some sports athlete along with a few words like “Just Do It” or “Stay Strong,” and several other motivational words. The Nike brand has made its self legendary, made it so that when people think of Nike they think of a life style. one critic I would have to make about their website or brand is to maybe have heaver people not just people in perfect shape, show the world that they can motivate as well.